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Morocco tops up its order book…

18 May 2021
With a new order for water supply in the north-east of the country! For a project to secure drinking water supply to the city of Oujda, located on the edge of the eastern Rif, ONEE has entrusted our Moroccan subsidiary CTHM with renovation works to leaking water supply pipes leading from the Mechraa Hammadi dam. In 8 months of work, CTHM will execute 3 out of 4 orders, laying more than 45km of networks: Order 1: between the dam and the treatment plant, laying of 13.5km of 1,000mm-diameter PRV and 1km of 1,000mm-diameter steel; Order 2: between the treatment plant… +

Morocco: record lead times on the Targuist and Kharroub worksites

20 January 2021
50km laid in 6 months and 7km in 3 months at the peak of the COVID crisis! And one… SADE Morocco reinforced 50km of ⌀ 300 to 400 PVC drinking water pipes in just 6 months for APDN (Agence pour la Promotion et le Développement du Nord, i.e. agency for the promotion and development of Northern Morocco). The project was costed and won during lockdown despite limited consultation. The aim of this project is to secure the drinking water supply of the town of Targuist from the new desalination plant in the town of Al Hoceima. Located at the heart… +